TRR259 - Aortic Disease

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3rd International Symposium of the TRR259

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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join our 3rd International Symposium of the Collaborative Research Center/Transregio TRR 259 on “New mechanistic insights into aortic diseases“, which will take place from March 23 – 25, 2022 in Bonn, Germany.

The TRR259 is a Collaborative Research Center funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the Universitites of Bonn, Cologne, and Düsseldorf. In a multidisciplinary effort, we are investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms of aortic disease holistically, with a particular focus on aortic valve stenosis, aortic
aneurysm, and aortic dissection. We aim to identify novel pharmacological, interventional, and surgical targets for new diagnostic, preventive, and
therapeutic strategies within the frame of translational and clinical studies.
For the 3rd International Symposium of the TRR259 in 2022, world-class scientists, clinicians, and students, will share their experiences and results of research into the basic mechanisms of the development of aortic wall and valve disease. The International Symposium 2022 will not only showcase the latest research data, but also foster discussion and interaction between aortic researchers, and will be a unique opportunity to initiate and intensify collaborative projects. The theme of this event will be “New mechanistic insights into aortic diseases”.
We look forward to welcoming you in Bonn for this exciting conference on aortic diseases!


Registration for on-site participation: February 1, 2022

Abstract Deadline for Poster Session:  February 23, 2022


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Poster Session

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Plenary Lectures 

Poster Session

Conference Highlights

Anders Wanhainen (Uppsala, SE) • Bernard M. van den Berg (Leiden, NL) • Philip S. Tsao (Stanford, US) • Anand Ramamurthi (Bethlehem, US) • Bart Loeys (Antwerp, BE)

Bernard D. Prendergast (London, UK) • Joost Sluijter (Utrecht, NL) • Rafael Kramann (Aachen, DE) • Alessandra Moretti (Munich, DE) • Stefanie Dimmeler (Frankfurt, DE) • Marc Beyer (Bonn, DE)

Musa Mhlanga (Nijmegen, NL) • Matthias Blüher (Leipzig, DE) • Terje Espevik (Trondheim, SE) • Mark Febbraio (Melbourne, AU) • Michael Roden (Düsseldorf, DE) • Magnus Bäck (Karolinska, SE)

Niels Riksen (Nijmegen, NL) • Dominik Wolf (Innsbruck, AT) •  • Alma Zernecke-Madsen (Würzburg, DE) • Takashi Fujita (Kyoto, JAP) •  Filip Swirski (New York, US)

Lars Maegedefessel (Munich, DE) • Artur Lichtenberg (Düsseldorf, DE) • Christian Weber (Munich, DE)


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Dr. Denise Nehl

Conference organization

Biomedical Center I, Building 13, Floor 3, Room 22

Clinic for Internal Medicine II

Department of Molecular Cardiology

University Hospital Bonn

Venusberg-Campus 1

53127 Bonn

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