TRR259 - Aortic Disease
University of Bonn
TRR259 - Aortic Disease
University of Cologne
TRR259 - Aortic Disease
University of Düsseldorf
TRR259 - Aortic Disease
TRR259 - Aortic Disease
TRR259 - Aortic Disease

Speakers and committee members of the TRR259

Speakers of the TRR259

Each of the three universities involved in the Collaborative Research Center provides a spokesperson

Avatar Nickenig

Prof. Dr. Georg Nickenig

Speaker of the TRR259

Venusberg-Campus 1

53127 Bonn

+49 228 287-15217

Avatar Baldus

Prof. Dr. Stephan Baldus


Kerpener Str. 62

50937 Cologne

+49 221 478-32511

Avatar Kelm

Prof. Dr. Malte Kelm


Moorenstr. 5

40225 Düsseldorf

+49 221 81-18801

Committee Members

The Management Committee is responsible for the scientific coordination and strategic development of the collaborative research center. It consists of the spokesperson, Georg Nickenig, the vice-spokespersons, Stephan Baldus and Malte Kelm, and one additional representative from each site, plus the coordinator of the TRR259.

Avatar Hartmann

Prof. Dr. Gunther Hartmann

Committee member, PI A03

Biomedical Center II, Building 12, 1OG

Venusberg-Campus 1

53127 Bonn

Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology

+49 228-287-16080

Avatar Sengle

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sengle

Committee member, PI B09, S01, iRTG

Joseph-Stelzmann-Strasse 52

50931 Köln

Center for Biochemistry II

+49 221 478-97260

Avatar Gerdes

Prof. Dr. Norbert Gerdes

Committee member, PI A05

Mailbox 344

Moorenstr. 5

40225 Düsseldorf

Division of Cardiology, Pulmonology and Vascular Medicine

+49 211 81-13474

Avatar Enders

Dr. Marika Enders

Committee member, Scientific coordinator

Biomedical Center I Building 13, 3G, room 022

Venusberg-Campus 1

53127 Bonn

Clinic for Internal Medicine II

+49 228 287-51735

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