Successful 3rd international TRR259 Symposium on NEW MECHANISTIC INSIGHTS INTO AORTIC DISEASES

After almost two years, the TRR259 members were finally able to meet again in person during the 3rd International Symposium on new mechanistic insights into aortic diseases. This Symposium focuses on experiences and results of basic mechanisms of the aortic wall and valve disease development and takes place from March 23 to 25, 2022, in the Universitätsclub Bonn.


This 3rd International Symposium of the TRR259 provided an update on the latest research results on how the extracellular matrix modulates in aortic diseases. Renowned experts like Prof. Anders Wanhainen, Prof. Bernard M. van den Berg, Prof. Philip Tsao, Prof. Anand Ramamurthi, and Prof. Bart Loeys showed their research results.

Prof. Joost Sluijter and Prof. Rafael Kramann, Prof. Alessandra Moretti, Prof. Stefanie Dimmeler, and PD Dr. Marc Beyer, among others, spoke about which cells play a role in the development of aortic diseases and how cells communicate with each other for example via vesicles.

The latest findings concerning the interaction of metabolism and immunology were presented by Prof. Musa Mhlanga, Prof. Matthias Blüher, Prof. Terje Espevik, Prof. Mark Febbraio, Prof. Michael Roden, and Prof. Magnus Bäck.

The immune system's role in aortic disease was discussed in a session with Prof. Niels Riksen, Prof. Dominik Wolf, Prof. Alma Zernecke-Madsen, Prof. Takashi Fujita, and Prof. Filip Swirski.

The latest research results can be converted into therapies shown by Prof. Lars Maegdefessel, and Prof. Artur Lichtenberg.

Also, TRR259 members like Prof. Sebastian Zimmer, Prof. Gerhard Sengle, and Prof. Ulrich Flögel showed the progress of the TRR259 research groups.

Poster Session

During the poster session, the participants could gain detailed insights into and discuss the projects of the TRR259. In addition to some postdocs, the Ph.D. students of the TRR259 presented their projects here. The poster committee evaluated all posters on their design, clarity of the presentation - both of the poster and when talking to the presenter - and their scientific content.

Poster price winners:
1st poster price: Annkatrin Correns from the Center for Biochemistry II (University of cologne) - BMP and Wnt inhibitor Sclerostin (SOST) interacts with fibrillin microfibrils
2nd poster price: Alexander Brückner from the Institute of Physiology I (University of Bonn) - Heterogeneity of aortic endothelial cells in healthy C57BL/6 mice
3rd poster price: Christin Elster from the Division of Cardiology, Pulmonology and Vascular Medicine (University of Düsseldorf) - Identification of CD-40-expressing IFNICs in AAA







House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany

In order to give the guests an insight into German history, the participants of the symposium had the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany. This museum is one of the most frequently visited museums in Germany: 7,000 exhibits, 4,000 square meters, over 120 hours of video and sound. A great opportunity to get to know German history from a completely new perspective.


There were 3 great days full of exciting insights into the latest research on the subject NEW MECHANISTIC INSIGHTS INTO AORTIC DISEASES. We hope that the symposium has been an event to remember and that we soon can invite to a 4th International Symposium

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