01. June 2023

TRR259 Member Selected to Attend Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Dr. Andreas Zietzer from the Heart Center at the University Hospital Bonn has been chosen to participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. The annual conference, held in Lindau, Bavaria, will take place from June 25th to June 30th this year.

This year brings a very special honor as Dr. Andreas Zietzer has been selected to attend the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. The participants had to undergo a lengthy application process to be eligible for the conference. A total of 635 young scientists from around the world have been invited to the meeting. As part of #LINO23, the selected participants can look forward to engaging talks, Agora discussions, and panel sessions, but most importantly, personal interactions with Nobel laureates and other young scientists.

Andreas Zietzer is a Clinician Scientist at the Heart Center of the University Hospital Bonn, working under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nickenig. His research primarily focuses on endothelial cell biology and the pathophysiology of calcific aortic valve stenosis. He leads a junior research group and has received funding from the German Society for Cardiology and the German Research Foundation, among others. On the clinical side, Andreas Zietzer, as a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, is involved in developing new digital programs for cardiovascular prevention and the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Attending the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting is a prestigious opportunity for young scientists like Dr. Andreas Zietzer to interact with Nobel laureates and exchange knowledge and ideas with their peers from around the world. It serves as a platform for fostering collaboration and inspiring further advancements in their respective fields. We congratulate Dr. Zietzer on this achievement and wish him a productive and enlightening experience at the conference.

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