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Gender & diversity

 gender & diversity

Women in our SFB/TRR259

Within our Transregio, female researchers are represented on different levels of project preparation, scientific management as well as in the scientific partnership as scientific project leaders, with currently 6 out of 27 (22%) of women among the principal investigators. As the resulting percentage of male and female leaders is still unbalanced at this stage, we have set gender equality at all academic levels as an important strategic goal and have implemented targeted equal opportunity measures. Due to the success of these initiatives and the quality of their gender-equality strategies, two of the three participating universities (Bonn, Cologne) are now in Phase III (out of IV) and Düsseldorf is in Phase IV of the process of meeting the goals defined in the DFG’s Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality


Specific measures to promote gender equality

  • all participating universities have established gender equality offices
  • dual career services
  • financially support of scientists in networking activites 
  • mentoring and networking programs for female researchers:

University Bonn: 

University of Cologne:

University of Düsseldorf:

Postdoc Starting Grant for female scientists

While searching for new project ideas and techniques, we would like to attract motivated and talented female scientists for research on aortic diseases. That is why we would like to give PhD students and postdocs the opportunity to develop new project ideas to support the TRR259 in its research with a postdoc Starting Grant for female scientists.

More information

Postdoc starting grant


Childcare and family support

Gender equality is strongly associated with a professional surrounding that is compatible with the demands of raising a family. Thus, childcare and family support for both male and female researchers, as well as opportunities for a dual career have been supported by the three universities.

We provide emergency and back-up childcare via PME-Familienservice. Due to this flexible childcare that is also available on short notice, our scientists are covered in case the regular day-care center is closed or the childminder is ill.

The TRR259 support one parent-child room per city. These rooms would allow scientists to work or have informal meeting while watching their children. 

The TRR259 KidsBox offers practical support on site. It is rolled to the workplace and turns it into a 'parent-child room' in no time at all, making it an offer for a better work-life balance.

For times of parental leave, project leaders can apply for student assistants or substitutes to allow the continuation of their project. 




The TRR259 embraces diversity. With a total of 12 countries, the origins of our researchers investigating aortic diseases are diverse. These 12 origins stimulate the exchange of cultures and perspectives and inspire creativity and innovation in our laboratories.


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