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Project B

The Research area B (Resident mechanisms) covers processes initiated, or caused by pathways within or between resident cells (section 1) and the ECM (section 2).

B01 - B07: Role of resident cells

B01Jun.-Prof. Daniela Wenzel / Prof. Bernd Fleischmann
Endothelial disease mechanisms involved in calcific aortic valve stenosis and aortic aneurysm formation in mice and humans

B03PD Dr. Florian Bönner / Prof. Ulrich Flögel
The role of local and systemic hemodynamic forces in the development of aortic disease

B04Prof. Alexander Pfeifer / PD Dr. Felix Jansen
EVs as intercellular messengers in aortic valve calcification

B05Prof. Manolis Pasparakis / PD Dr. Matti Adam
Necroptosis in aortic aneurysm disease - significance of inflammation in MLKL dependent cell death

B06Prof. Stephan Rosenkranz
Role of PI3-kinase isoform p110α for vascular integrity and aortic aneurysm formation

B07Prof. M. Markus Nöthen / Dr. Baravan Al-Kassou /
Prof. Johannes Schumacher

Genes underlying aortic valve disease 

B08 - B09: Role of ECM

B08Prof. Maria Grandoch / Prof. Jens W. Fischer
Importance of hyaluronan-rich extracellular matrix for inflammation and structural remodeling in abdominal aortic aneurysms

B09Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sengle
Dysregulated extracellular signaling pathways in aortic aneurysm formation in Marfan syndrome


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