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Project A

The Research area A (systemic, non-resident mechanisms) comprises factors, signals, and cells (such as leukocytes, red blood cells, platelets, and adipocytes) and their respective messengers, that are not originating from or residing in aortic tissue. We have divided this area into an inflammatory and a non-inflammatory section.

 A01 - A05: Role of circulating inflammatory factors and cells

 A01 - Prof. Christian Kurts / Dr. Christina Weißheit
Details of the immune response and the impact of the microbiome in murine calcific aortic valve stenosis

 A02 - Prof. Dr. Sebastian Zimmer / Prof. Dr. Eicke Latz
Danger signaling pathways in aortic disease

A03Prof. Gunther Hartmann
The innate immune sensor RIG-I in aortic inflammation and calcification

A04Prof. Stephan Baldus / Dr. Holger Winkels
Posttranslational modifications in Marfan’s disease mediated by myeloperoxidase

A05Prof. Esther Lutgens / Prof. Norbert Gerdes
The CD40/CD40L axis in aortic aneurysm


A07 - A08: Role of non-inflammatory cells

A07Prof. Margitta Elvers / Prof. Hubert Schelzig
Role of platelets for the inflammatory response and matrix remodeling in aortic aneurysm formation

A08Prof. Alexander Pfeifer
Influence of brown adipocyte activity on calcified aortic valve disease


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